*By way of quick explanation, I select the lyric I’ll feature each day by hitting shuffle on my iPod and picking the first Neil Diamond song that comes up in rotation.

“Don’t know that I will, but until I can find me…
…I’ll be what I Am.  A Solitary Man.”
(“Solitary Man,” Neil Diamond)

I can remember reading a book called Anam Cara, that taught me to have no fear of being alone;  to enjoy solitude and refrain from racing rapidly to fill every quiet moment with noise.  It taught me that in the silence you can hear the voice of the divine in the form of intuition coming from within your own soul.

I took a bit of artistic license with the lyric and left a few words out because I loved the way the adjustment
read:  “Until I can find me, I’ll be what I AM.”  That phrase has become a very important sentiment for me.  I am always on a journey to learn who I am and to accept all the crazy bits of me.  When I need the most help understanding myself, I know I can sit alone in silence and let my intuition guide me.

I’ll forever be what I AM (which harkens the phrase “Wherever you go, there you are”) so I might as well get to accepting myself.  Some folks may not like my confidence,  they may feel uncomfortable with my security.  Because of their fears, others may cast me as a villain, some may talk about me.  Yet being true to myself hasn’t let me down yet, when faced with strife or sadness, joy or gladness.  I never have trouble sleeping at night, confident that I give everything I have to every day and every one.

A Solitary (Wo)Man… such a beautiful state of being.  Especially when I can bring back the peace of my soul and share it with others.