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I’m not finding a lot of time to post these days. Most of the time I’m posting while I shush a three year old to sleep… these last couple of days I’ve nodded off next to him. So, in the name of efficiency, I’m wrapping the last three days’ worth of posts into one… and I’m threading them all together.

What drives me crazy? Reality shows. I can’t stand them. So what would my reality show be? I wouldn’t have one. If somebody forced me to under pain of taking all my books away, my show would be about inspiring people to do great things. And the ‘great’ would be defined by them. I’ve had an idea since I’ve been thinking this over, and a little web series is brewing in my mind… inspiring people to follow their bliss, shoot for the stars, and try something new.

So what technology couldn’t I live without? The internet. The access it gives me to friends, family and art and culture from all over the world is priceless. Which technology do I wish would disappear?  The internet.

I wonder often what I would get done if I didn’t feel I had to check my feeds every five minutes.


I had such a lovely time with friends and family tonight. I was so proud to have done something big, and felt so lucky to have been given the chance to make one of my dreams come true- seeing my writing in glossy print.

As much fun as it was to live tonight, I don’t think I want to live here forever. To watch life move and change and pass me by would be tough. I guess this question has many variables because I sit here thinking to live forever might be alright if someone got to stay with me or if I stayed young and pretty forever. And then I wonder if we are supposing when we die that we went on to heaven… because I’d really like to check that out.

I’d need a few more parameters to answer thoroughly.

I’m self-imposing a rule to this postaday prompt.  It can’t be a mix tape.  Truthfully, that would be my best bet because I prefer to switch it up with each song… but if I had to bring just one ‘album’ that would be much tougher.

Though my heart beats to the rhythm of their music, I wouldn’t bring Blue October.  I’m afraid some of the angrier songs would stress me out at night on the island.

And yes, I am a Fanilow… (I apparently suffer from some split personality)  but I think the moody songs would depress me as I sat alone in the romantic setting of a deserted island.

NKOTB is a distinct possibility, but only if it was their anthology and included all 5 (or 6?) of their albums…  and DIDN’T include any collaboration with BSB.

I think I’ve got it.

Sinatra, baby.  Just enough of everything…  love, innuendo, heartache and happiness.  And above all… an anthem that I could shout insanely from the tops of the coconut trees:

“For what is a man what has he got
If not himself then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way.”

I’m exhausted physically and exhausted by social media tonight. But I promised to see this postaday through and I shall!

I think picking the three funniest people in the world is tough. I only have celebrity/comedians to go by. I used to adore Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Cosby. I love Steve Carrell and Ellen Degeneres. Eddie Izzard is a new one for me, though he’s old for everyone else. I love listening to people who have a different way of looking at situations that have been looked at ad nauseum. Seeing a witty twist in the mundane. Pointing out the humor that’s always there if you look. The person that can word play is heroic to me.

To that end, three funny people I know: my dad, my brother Norm and my sister Kim. Examples will have to follow at a later time.

I really don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect day, Sunday or otherwise. Yet any day in which serendipity or synchronicity is experienced would come pretty close. Serendipity may be beyond my control, but how might I infuse a little of the other? By pursuing activities I love- seeing a classic or new film. Reading a book without interruption. Sitting in silence. Holding the hands of my daughter and son. Watching a football game with a rowdy crowd while drinking beer. Smiling with a friend. Crying with a friend. Walking. Running. Breathing. Balance.

The sound that I love more than anything in the world is the sound of the ocean. Whether I’m on the beach or in the water, I love the sound of the waves. Each break tells a story- each one brings with it conversations from the deep. I can stare at the water for hours… listening to secrets that few will wait for.

I can remember standing at the top of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, in the pitch black and cold. I felt frightened until I caught sound of the sea… and peace washed over me.

What sound would I love to hear? I’d love to hear a whale breach next to me, or singing its whale song out of joy.

First, an observation:  if you want a lot of hits on your blog, use the word ‘naked’ in the title.  I’d never gotten as many views as I got on my “Elephants are Naked” piece yesterday.  On to the postaday…

In answering the question of “the definition of friend,” I’m going to sound very Rumi anyway, so I might as well just quote him.  “You honor my soul.”    To me, that is what a friend is, no matter if I have been with the person for years or just met them.  To me, a relationship isn’t about giving and receiving.  I feel most at home with someone and truly feel you are a friend when (and this will sound very ‘Avatar,’ I grant you) you see me and acknowledge me…  and in return I see you back and honor all that you are and all I sense you want to become.

To be a better friend this year?  I hope to soothe illnesses with chicken soup that I make and deliver.  I hope to ease heartaches by being available and present in whatever way and form I can.  I will let people know they are seen by making the effort to pop up unexpectedly in their mailboxes with glad tidings of soul-honoring.

“Our friendship is made of being awake.” (Rumi, The Waterwheel)


I crave the truth. I’m not sure if it’s because it seems to be on such short supply these days, or if it’s because as I live a little more loudly each day, the threshold on my bullshit-ometer gets increasingly smaller.

I cannot stand elephants in the room. They are obtrusive and obstinate and I’ve found that the only way to manage them and move them is to call them out and smile at the way they try to bend reality. I am no longer able to ignore the way they stand there with tusks crossed hoping I’ll buy into the lies they present by staying silent and avoiding interaction, honest dialogue and discussion.

In fairness and full disclosure, I am much more tolerant of the Emperor and his missing clothes. I can’t stand the deception and mob mentality of telling the ruler how regal he is when he isn’t really… but I would not be the first or the tenth to tell him he had no clothes. The child would… but I would much rather mind my own business.

I’d like to explore (in a philosophical way) the varieties of truths (if there are multiple) and why I can withstand some falsehoods but scream out loud at others.

The most important thing I accomplished in 2010 was my Oscar film challenge.  I know I should probably say being a good mom or being a great friend, but quite truthfully this challenge I came up with changed my life.

My challenge, which can be read about at: was to see as many Oscar-nominated films as possible.  Out of the 52 in 2009-2010 I saw 31.  Not too shabby.  I’m shooting for more this year.

The point, however, isn’t always about seeing the MOST films.  The process has been more about learning to challenge myself, to make sacrifices on my behalf (and not just others’), to commit to something bigger than work and family life, and to bring friends along for support and companionship and laughter (my laugh, by the way, is loud and sincere and from a deep place inside me that even I can’t reach most of the time).  The Challenge (note the caps) has also been about opening myself up to ideas I normally wouldn’t seek out in my daily life in the form of films I NEVER would have gone to prior to my experiment.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and my world since beginning this last year.  So that was definitely the M.I.T for 2010.

I needed to take a brain break from work…  transcribing hours-long meetings will kill as many cells as it can before it’s through with you.  Determined not to let it, I turn for respite in blogging about the last three posting topics that I’ve missed due to time constraints and falling asleep in my three year-old’s bed.

I’d like to tie my questions about hope into the photo at the top of my blog.  I didn’t choose it, it’s apparently some default template.  I set my blog up on my phone and completed my first post from my phone.  So when I logged in for the first time from my desktop I was astonished to discover that the template fits me perfectly.  Clean, bright with pictures of cherry blossoms (or what I’m choosing to view as cherry blossoms) at the top.  Cherry blossoms became a metaphor for me in 2010…  and I’m bringing them into 2011 with me.  My word for 2009 was hope.  My word for 2010 was balance. The cherry blossom seems to merge both of those words together perfectly.  (No word yet on my word for 2011).  The cherry blossom is a symbol widely used in Japan for the ‘awareness of the transience of life and the bittersweet wistfulness at its passing.” How can we as humans appreciate this awareness without keeping hope in our tool belt, ready to work alongside our levels (for balance) and tape measures for tabulating how much we’ve grown?  I personally know that I cannot always be happy… and I welcome tough moments to keep me alive.  But if there is anything I am religious about, it is maintaining an awareness of hope and balance from the moment I wake to when I drift asleep (in my three year-old’s bed, apparently).

When I read the question from postaday2011 “What is the bravest thing?” I knew that it would not take me a long windbaggy blog to answer.  In my life, and in watching others, I view the bravest thing as being willing to be alive.  Greeting each new day with open arms, whether it brings joy or sorrow.  Being alive and recognizing our faults as humans and loving them.  Granting ourselves space to make mistakes and laughing at them.  Showing gratitude to those who would love us by allowing us to live loudly by seeing them in return.  It is a brave, brave thing to SEE and LIVE and ACKNOWLEDGE.

As for the most important thing…  how many will say this?  LOVE.  No matter what shape or form it takes, no matter who does the loving.  We all crave love.  We all need love.  From birth to death, we need our hands held and our faces touched.  We crave our hearts to be stirred and our souls lifted.  No matter how it comes into our life, LOVE is needed, necessary and always desired.  Which is why I have such an intolerance for laws that would make illegal to express love and people who would promote hate with words and money based on others’ expressions of affection and devotion.

Should LOVE be my word for 2011?