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Serendipity is my favorite word- not just because it’s fun to say- but also because the meaning is rooted in hope and balance: “a fortunate accident.”

I am taking this postaday thing to heart- I am hoping once February crunch time is over I’ll be back to once a day versus once a week. I am just at the limits of my personal capacity by the end of the work day. I’m loving every minute of opening the Market, though, and feel fortunate to be a part of a unique project.

Random thought for the day: one of my favorite songs is “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. I love how it tells a story, but draws out such intimate details of the human condition. I think that’s the formula Garth Brooks was pretty amazing at as well.

More mundane details from my brain will be forthcoming.


My dream vacation would be to hop on a train in Northern Europe and travel as far south as I could get. I would want to know as many languages as possible, and would love to have a sleeping car for traveling overnight. When I reached the furthest southern point, I would commit to the round trip and go all the way north again. I wonder if that won’t take as long as I’m thinking it will.

My last vacation was a road trip to SoCal, so it seems as if my dream vacation is not far off. My dream, though, allows for someone else to do the driving- and time for me to sightsee, to read, to write and to wonder.

I never believed that a place I had never been could immediately feel like home. Yet, when my plane touched down in Ireland, the very dust in my bones vibrated and I felt like I had returned property of my ancestors to the place of their birth. When my plane back to the states departed, I cried with abandon and didn’t understand why.

What did I used to believe but had disproven? That institutions of religion are interested in helping people walk through life. After my years of experience, I’d much rather hand everyone a copy of Viktor Frankls “Mans Search for Meaning” and empower them to work towards balance and purpose.

I have missed so many days, but this challenge is important to me.  So, I will catch up here on the last five days, and post a new post for today’s topic later.

A story about me from a neighbor’s perspective:  I’m a horrible lawn mower, my lines are crooked and I look awkward pushing that thing around, but I’m tenacious and get both yards done no matter how long it takes.

Could I live without the internet?  Silly question, of course I could, but I would hope to be enterprising enough to find new ways of enriching my life and getting access to all sorts of cultural information (wonder if TMZ would consider newsprint?)

When teleportation is finally possible…  there will be no country I haven’t seen, and my passport will be full of stamps.  First stop, a visit back to where I left my heart:  Ireland.  I plan to drink plenty of warm Guinness.

Describe the one that got away:  I don’t think I have one that ‘got away.’  I loved one too much to let him go, and it took me years to do so, even years after he’d broken my heart.  I loved a second one too much to not let him go… and away he flew like the most beautiful bird I’d ever seen.  And there was a third that should have known I loved him, but I wasn’t great at letting feelings out then…  could that be descriptive of a fish?  Not sure.

Lastly, to describe a worst teacher is impossible.  They have all taught me something, even if it didn’t have anything to do with education.  This includes my first English professor who told my entire class very dramatically:  “You are all failures.  You are going nowhere.”  What could I possibly learn from him?  I learned that book learning doesn’t always make you smart… and definitely doesn’t have anything to do with how kind you can (and should) be.

What an odd question.  If I could have any job in the world, what would it be?  I am so uneducated as to how many and what types of jobs there are out there, that it seems silly to arbitrarily choose something I may have heard of once.

Having said that, I can tell you an industry I would like to explore more in depth to be able to contemplate what job I might wish for.  The industry I am fascinated by is film.  I would love to go to film school and try my hand at editing (film and sound), cinematography, directing and writing.  I would love to spend my days learning about the mechanics of film day in and day out.  If I could watch 3 movies a day, I would…  but only if I got the chance to have intelligent discussions following each one.  I would love to analyze to death the themes, metaphors and meanings of each piece of art.

I’m sure this is going to come as a huge surprise to those who know me best.

If by optimistic one means hopeful, yes, that’s what I am.  If one means ‘happy,’ I am not always.

That’s really all I have to say on that, so let me offer some thoughts from Viktor Frankl: Tragic Optimism is to: turn suffering into achievement, derive from guilt an opportunity to better oneself, and derive from life’s transitoriness incentive to take responsible action.

He goes on to say in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, “What man actually needs is not a tensionless state, but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task.”

Yes, I am an optimist. I am hopeful that I can always see the balance, always find a goal, always stay the course.