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As promised, the renewed direction of my blog begins today.

“She shines with her own kind of light
She’d look at you once
and a day that’s all wrong
looks alright.”
(“Kentucky Woman,” Neil Diamond)

Human attraction, to me, is one of the best examples of synchronicity.  What attracts certain people to one another?  Is it like minds?  The surroundings and moments in time in which we meet?  The respective circumstances of each of our lives?  We are unrelated, but can suddenly find ourselves in a scenario fraught with meaning… an ‘us‘ where moments before no ‘us‘ existed.

And we can bring out the loveliness in one another.  A look at our reflection in a mirror or window can show us our attractiveness.  Yet more marvelous is seeing ourselves in the glance of another.  Those particular reflections radiate an inner glow, a peek at the divine that resides in our souls.  When those reflections lead to secret smiles and a whispered “I love you,” the moment, the day and the world can look different than it did just moments before.


It took a girls trip to the city, and front row seats at an amazing show to make me want to blog again.  I’ve been so wrapped up in the horror of the last 6 months (horror may be too strong, but I’m not feeling like grabbing the thesaurus) that I have not wanted to write anything I’ve been thinking or feeling down.  But on Friday night I got to live in the moment and drown out all the sadness, worry and despair (again, despair may be too strong but I’ve explained my lack of grammatical options).

An amazing tribute band and the high decibels at which they played their music helped immensely with drowning thoughts out.  The showmanship of all 6 performers (one guitarist in particular) helped infuse me with wonder and delight at something special.  The lyrics they sang helped awaken my poetic spirit.

So, thanks to Super Diamond and the lyrical genius of one Mr. Neil Diamond… I have a new direction for my blog.  I’m not going to change the name of my blog, or create a new one.  I don’t want to lose the flavor of what I started, and I can’t manage multiple blogs anymore.  Besides, I imagine a great mind like Mr. Diamond’s is well-versed in the psychology of Synchronicity:  two unrelated events that occur together in a meaningful way.  A happy accident.  Serendipity.  I won’t describe all of my unrelated events that have occurred together here… not sure anybody is reading them anyway.  But I can unveil the new direction of this blog (and by no means do I think this idea is unique, or not already being done by someone more clever than I).

I would like to take one Neil Diamond lyric a day and write a reflection on it.  I would like the posts to be happy and sad, striking and thoughtful.  I would like to keep captured close the sense of wonder I felt on Friday night, standing next to my friends… all of us captivated by an energy born from the synchronistic way that poetic words, beautiful music and random people came together.