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“Stay with me awhile, I only want to talk to you.
We’ve traveled halfway ’round the world, to find ourselves again.”
(“September Morn”- Neil Diamond)

I haven’t had it happen to me often, if ever:  Running into somebody who knew your heart so long ago.  What happens when you are in the grocery store or in line at the movies and you happen upon an old love or a friend whom you haven’t talked to in years?

Perhaps you resume your last conversation… pick up where you last left off, talking about the ideas that made your spirit soar.  Maybe you are interested in all of the good that has happened for them.  Maybe you ache to hear their hurts.  If a lover, does your heart speed up and beat loudly in your ears when they move to hug you?  Do you blush at the sight of their familiar smile?

Maybe friends and lovers bring back to you a piece of yourself that was lost with passing time.  They remind you of who you were for them, of who you always wanted to be.  Hearing their recollections fills in the missing memories of your soul.  While they are with you, you feel whole again… and want that to last for just a few more precious seconds.

In dreams or in days, I’d love for old friends to find me.  To talk to me and laugh with me.  To reveal how they’ve carried the pieces of my heart I gave to them in a perfect moment.

And certainly I’d ask them to stay with me awhile.