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Julia Cameron said in her book “The Artist’s Way” that synchronicity is what happens when you take a step towered the universe, and the universe takes ten steps towards you.

Feeling since childhood as though I’ve had a talent for writing, but never quite knowing how to become an ACTUAL writer, has been incredibly frustrating. Stories live in my head in perpetuity, always replaying themselves like favorite movies whose lines I’ve memorized. After learning about synchronicity, I decided to apply it to my dream of writing. Ever since I said aloud “I’m a writer” (with nobody in particular within earshot) ample opportunities have begun presenting themselves for me to write.

The largest chance has been as a writer and copy editor for an inaugural edition of a Bridal Magazine which features local vendors and providers as its stars. I’m so proud of the work I was able to do, and it literally came about because of the “I’m a writer” declaration. No sooner had I stated it to myself than a friend of mine shared that she was starting this magazine. “I’m a writer” I told her, and I wrote.

Now I write at my job and for fun and I’m lucky to have friends who will tell people “She’s a writer” and also read my blogs and participate in the dialogue. My friend Sean takes it a step further and invites me into new challenges, like this PostaDay2011. Today’s topic: does everything happen for a reason?

I don’t believe there is a reason or a plan behind every occurrence or circumstance. Yet I do believe that with every event or simple moment there is an opportunity to find meaning or learn a lesson.

Looking forward to writing a little or a lot each day!