I’m not finding a lot of time to post these days. Most of the time I’m posting while I shush a three year old to sleep… these last couple of days I’ve nodded off next to him. So, in the name of efficiency, I’m wrapping the last three days’ worth of posts into one… and I’m threading them all together.

What drives me crazy? Reality shows. I can’t stand them. So what would my reality show be? I wouldn’t have one. If somebody forced me to under pain of taking all my books away, my show would be about inspiring people to do great things. And the ‘great’ would be defined by them. I’ve had an idea since I’ve been thinking this over, and a little web series is brewing in my mind… inspiring people to follow their bliss, shoot for the stars, and try something new.

So what technology couldn’t I live without? The internet. The access it gives me to friends, family and art and culture from all over the world is priceless. Which technology do I wish would disappear?  The internet.

I wonder often what I would get done if I didn’t feel I had to check my feeds every five minutes.