First, an observation:  if you want a lot of hits on your blog, use the word ‘naked’ in the title.  I’d never gotten as many views as I got on my “Elephants are Naked” piece yesterday.  On to the postaday…

In answering the question of “the definition of friend,” I’m going to sound very Rumi anyway, so I might as well just quote him.  “You honor my soul.”    To me, that is what a friend is, no matter if I have been with the person for years or just met them.  To me, a relationship isn’t about giving and receiving.  I feel most at home with someone and truly feel you are a friend when (and this will sound very ‘Avatar,’ I grant you) you see me and acknowledge me…  and in return I see you back and honor all that you are and all I sense you want to become.

To be a better friend this year?  I hope to soothe illnesses with chicken soup that I make and deliver.  I hope to ease heartaches by being available and present in whatever way and form I can.  I will let people know they are seen by making the effort to pop up unexpectedly in their mailboxes with glad tidings of soul-honoring.

“Our friendship is made of being awake.” (Rumi, The Waterwheel)